Tesla Cuts Prices Sharply - 20 Percent!

Tesla Cuts Prices Sharply - 20 Percent!


In an effort to boost flagging demand, Tesla has slashed prices on the majority of its electric vehicles by as much as 20% in the United States and Europe.

The global market for electric vehicles is becoming more and more competitive for the automaker. It also needs to deal with the United States' rising interest rates, which have driven up the cost of purchasing new vehicles.

Tesla is led by Elon Musk and many who bought Tesla cars right before the price cuts are upset, they missed out.  To be paying up to 20% more for a Tesla EV vehicle because you bought a few days too early is a hard pill to swallow.

Tesla and Musk should give recent owners a price break!!

Here is just one tweet of a Tesla Fan complaining about the injustice of the price cuts to prior purchasers. 

Hey @elonmusk  & @Tesla

- Not all of us are billionaires. I paid $72,440 (pre-tax) for my new Model Y Performance and took delivery in late September. Now you have the price as $59,630 for the same exact car? There has to be some sort of consumer protection law about this.


While a Price reduction is great there should be something done for recent purchasers who missed the cut.

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