Decode Elon Musk's Secret Messages! - Body Language Insights

Decode Elon Musk's Secret Messages! - Body Language Insights

Elon Musk grinning in secrecy. Source: Empire Elon (Creative Commons License).

Elon Musk can be a very mysterious man for sure. Often times he is hard to read and doesn't give a lot of emotional feedback in his presentations. But according to experts in body language analysis such as former US Army Interrogator Greg Hartley, much can be derived from certain non-verbal cues that Musk projects.

Most of what we express to others is non-verbal! A great example of all of these principles converging is when Elon takes the stage.

Let's take a look and consider some insights into the mind and messages of Elon Musk through his body language.

Key Indicators

  • There is no such thing as normal behavior in humans. Experts look for baseline and deviation baseline indicators.
  • Elon has professed that he has Asperger's which is a sub-category on the Autism spectrum. This causes him to be more difficult to read with his body language. 
  • People with Asperger's often do not use their forehead a lot to gesture emotion. So he doesn't give a lot of expression in his face to indicate sentiment.
  • Another common physical trait with Asperger's is more glitchy or fidgety movement and behavior. This does not necessarily indicate nervousness. Sometimes his movements will seem ritualistic versus more natural.
  • Furled eye brows sometimes indicate asking permission or wanting to convince someone of the thought that is being shared. You see Elon do this at times when he presents a concept, but it is less dramatic because of the above mentioned characteristics.
  • Elon is multi-cultural and so his mannerisms can be mixed in interpretation. Having spent much of his life in South Africa and then coming to the United States gives Elon more complex cultural mannerisms.
  • He does enjoy using humor but often times his sense of humor can be a bit dry. It is endearing to see how he lights up when sharing his sense of humor.
  • Musk gives intelligent and witty responses or burns at times if you come under his wrath. This shows a sense of boundaries that he is willing to stick up for.
  • He will sometimes play coy but without giving a sense that he is uncomfortable. This likely relates to his showmanship in not wanting to reveal too much on a particular topic.
  • Elon clearly also enjoys entertaining. There is no lack of charisma and character to his presentations. Often times he will include stunts or gimmicks of sorts to illustrate a point. This is impressive being that although he may not express as much emotion as others, he understands that an audience desires to be emotionally engaged.
  • Silly dancing and thumbs up poses are a classic Elon response to the press and events. The internet will never lack of fun and silly memes due to this playful behavior. Play is actually an important psychological aspect of life that allows us to feel safe and free. Elon obviously enjoys the purpose he is striving for and many applaud that.
  • When Musk begins talking about something more complex he gets more serious. He will move around a bit at times, but typically solidifies himself and gives pensive responses. He starts gesturing and is clear in his points. This indicates that he takes the topic seriously.

Collectively the above insights to Musk's body language help us better understand the messages he is trying to convey as he communicates. Most of what we express to others is non-verbal! A great example of all of these principles converging is when Elon takes the stage.

Elon Musk revealing Tesla products on stage. Source: Jazz Factory (Creative Commons License).


As Elon Musk presents on stage at various company events he often gets excited to introduce products and services. It is plain to see that he invests significantly in what he and his companies create both monetarily and through blood, sweat, and tears.

He may be perceived by some to not have quite the emotional engagement and showmanship as someone like the late great Steve Jobs. But Elon can without a doubt capture an audience and inspire with his vision and passion for what he pursues!

Whatever your style, Elon gathers quite a following and exercises great influence over the mindset of the world as he works tirelessly to accomplish his goals.

People attribute those abilities to many different concepts, all of which leave Elon seeming a little more than human in the eyes of many.

Elon Musk body language analysis. Source: Newsmax.


So, is Elon an alien? Maybe that is why his body language is a bit different? Perhaps we will never know. You can always ponder your existential beliefs on where we all come from and define him as you wish. But, for the time being, we can simply look at him as a curious and fascinating human being!

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