Plastic Fantastic - Elon Musk Goes Under The Knife?!

Plastic Fantastic - Elon Musk Goes Under The Knife?!

Elon Musk at the Met Gala in New York City on 13, June. Source: The Guardian. Photograph: Charles Sykes/Invision/AP.

As an outspoken personality that also happens to be a billionaire heading the biggest EV company, Elon Musk is often in the public eye. For this reason, it is easy to pull up photos of him from the past and compare them to what he looks like now.

If you do that, you will discover something; Musk has undergone a visible transformation!

While there is no reason for one of the sharpest minds ever in tech not to look sharp, there have been rumors that Musk went under the knife to achieve his now handsome looks. Is there any truth in this claim?

We dive deeper into that in this article.

Why Would Musk Opt For Cosmetic Surgery?

Let’s look at where Musk operates, Silicon Valley in California. Spend some time in the city, and you will notice that many people there look vibrant and young, even though they might bore you with talks of code and their favorite Richard Feynman lecture.

It has been reported by The Washington Post that when around the age of 35, these Silicon Valley techies and future CEOs tend to notice they are aging and try to decelerate their aging process.

When natural remedies like eating right or exercise don’t seem to work, or they do not have the time, they take a shortcut; book an appointment at your local plastic surgeon's office!

Overnight, our 35-year-old tech executive suddenly looks younger and smiles more! Vitality returns, perhaps thanks to a regimen of Botox, facelift surgeries, or any other new looks-enhancing procedure in town.

As a local Miami surgery consultant put it, “People here value the young for their passion and their ability to look at things in new ways.”

1999 Elon (Left) compared to 2017 Elon (Right) (Creative Commons License).

The extent to which looks affect potential deals or employment in Silicon Valley may be debatable, but what is clear is that there is pressure to look a certain way in that environment.
As a local Miami surgery consultant put it, "People here value the young for their passion and their ability to look at things in new ways.
So, it is not surprising that Musk could be concerned about his looks while still trying to get EV and space companies off the ground.

Has Musk Had Plastic Surgery?

If you compare Musk’s face from his younger years as a budding entrepreneur growing PayPal to him now, running multi-billion-dollar companies, you can notice slight differences in his eyes, smile, and overall face structure.

Whether that's old age and his unbelievably high-stress lifestyle or plastic surgery, or a combination of the three, we may never know. Still, some people believe the tech mogul has had his face resculpted or at least retouched.

Even if Musk had any procedures, the overall structure does not scream ‘before/after’ like some transformations we have witnessed. So it is not easy to say whether the changes have been natural or not.

Safe to say until he comes out to admit it, we will be left guessing whether the currently richest man alive has had a touch-up.

Hint: stick to his Twitter feed. Musk has a no-holds-barred policy on the social platform, so one day, something might slip.

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